For ten years or so I was an agent for Zuckermann Harpsichords, and made many of their kits for customers around the country, and gradually began to do harpsichords which I had modified from the kits, as well as ones for which I had drawn the plans myself. I have rebuilt (and sometimes resold) some of the earliest of these, now 20 or more years old; I also have rebuilt and sold instruments by other makers and kit builders, as well as doing regular repairs and maintenance on harpsichords all over the Midwest. (I also service almost all the fortepianos of any make in this region).

Since I do make a few harpsichords from time to time, I include below a few photos of some recent ones. Left, an Italian double, 5 oct, from various prototypes, brass strung 2x8',1x4', my own personal instrument. Upper right, Flemish single, customized Zuckermann kit. Privately owned. Lower right, detail of its soundboard decoration.

Flemish single done for Coe College. Custom lid painting.
Upper left, French double from Zuckermann kit, made for North Carolina State University. Upper right, French single, 5 octaves, privately owned. Below, rose decoration of the French single.
Top: Franco-Flemish single, private owner in Brooklyn, NY. Lower right: its soundboard and rose decoration. Lower left: my shop assistant inspects the rose hole.

SEE: USED instruments for a Zuckermann slantside very cheap. SEE ALSO LID PAINTINGS! I am now doing custom lid paintings. Contact me about your harpsichord needs.

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