Here are a couple of Flemish lids I've done in the past. One has cows and a boat in a pond; the other has two horses under the tree.

I've just finished an Italian landscape for my own harpsichord. The center part is a typical Italian hill town, modeled after Bagnaia; the right end has two old farm buildings and foliage; the left and lidflap has ruined columns and fallen stones, pines and cypresses. Here are four views of the painting process, start to finish.

I will do a painting on your harpsichord lid to your specifications, historical or a modern scene of your choosing. A painting will take a couple of months. Prices start at $3000. Call or write and we can work out details. Bring new life and performance appeal to your treasured instrument. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Some more examples: landscapes I've done. Top left:View of Odenwald in winter; top right:View of the Catskills from the old farm.

Left: view near Fulda, Germany; right: Heidelberg from across the Neckar.

Some more adventurous styles: Soundburst; Galaxy.

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